Baccarat Advance (Divide & Conquer) Strategy 2021

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90% of Baccarat Shoes in the World are Hybrid Shoes! AI Bankroll's Baccarat Advance (Divide & Conquer) Ver. 3.2.0 – Stable” is a Professional, fast, semi-aggressive and Extremely Powerful Strategy for Online & Brick & Mortar Casinos. We have been working on this Strategy for over 3 years!

In this baccarat advance strategy, we truly pushed the boundaries of Beginner (novice) & Intermediate (amateur) Level. Baccarat Advance is a PROFESSIONAL Level cutting-edge Strategy developed with support of study of Deep Machine Learning and Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Machine Shuffle Penetration for 8 Decks of Card. We tested this Strategy Playing multiple shoe and achieved an extremely positive Winning Results while focused on Bankroll Protection & Growth!

We are witnessing that the ordinary people are living an extraordinary life by using a simple strategy called divide & conquer! ~ AI Bankroll

Advance strategy is developed empowering an Advance Algorithm using ENTROPY to create a unique approach to play the game of Baccarat. AI Bankroll's full strategy in action inclined towards the following perspective …
  • Complex algorithms are made out of small components. One must learn to divide the complexity into smaller components in order to conquer the complex algorithms.
  • 90% of Baccarat Shoes are Hybrid Shoes and Entropy is the ONLY way to Win them!

It’s a Complete Online training, our students successfully finished the training in just 3 Days but you can take your own time to learn and practice the Advance Strategy. You will be able to train the Complete Advance Level Strategy Step-By-Step in eBook (21 pages .PDF) + 27 Instructional Video Tutorials exclusively available on our Official Website.


> Introduction To Baccarat Advance
> Fundamentals
> Hybrid Baccarat
> E-Scoreboard
> The Bead Road
> Bets Selection
> Byte & Base Bet
> Introduction To Byte
> Blueprint
> When Things Go Wrong!
> Income Tax On Gambling

( 27 detailed Videos captured in HD, explaining on how to use the AI Bankroll's Baccarat Advance (Divide & Conquer) Strategy 2021 )

  1. Introduction to Baccarat Advance Strategy
  2. Beating Hybrid Shoes with Artificial Intelligence
  3. Acing The Bead Road
  4. What is “The Extreme Entropy Order” in Baccarat?
  5. Hybrid Shoes & The Extreme Entropy Order
  6. How to Determine The Extreme Entropy Order?
  7. Bet Placement Using The Extreme Entropy Order
  8. Collaborating The Bead Road with The Extreme Entropy Order
  9. “Extreme Entropy Order” in Action!
  10. What is Hybrid Bet Progression?
  11. What are the "Two Types of Cards Burning?"
  12. How to Capitalize on Dragon Bonus Bet?
  13. What is The Red Zone in Casino Life?
  14. What is "The Blueprint" & How to Use it?
  15. Defining & Achieving The Profit Goal Check-Points?
  16. What is an "Offset Protocol in Baccarat?"
  17. What is Money Management?
  18. What is Buy-In Vs Total Bankroll Vs Lifetime Bankroll?
  19. What is The Baccarat Bankroll Requirement?
  20. How to Manage Winnings & Profits?
  21. How to Handle Loss Limit & Stop Limit?
  22. Outlining Baccarat Advance Strategy
  23. Keynotes to Remember!
  24. What is Baccarat Shoe Dynamics?
  25. Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!
  26. This is How You Conquer Fear to Become Successful!
  27. This Is Not A Goodbye!

STATUS: Complete Online Training + Lifetime Support

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> Numbers of Videos: 27
> Format: Streaming (NTSC)
> Resolution: HD (1920 x 1080 )
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Every impossible task can be achieved using a simple strategy called divide & conquer! ~ AI Bankroll



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