System vs Strategy


System: Most betting systems are fixed progressions based on outdated methods that are unable to modify to the dynamic conditions of the table. Those systems are designed to “one size fits all”. Unfortunately, there is no system in the world that can guarantee becoming Consistent Winner at the casino.

Strategy: "A calculated course of action to overcome problem created by constantly changing system". AI Bankroll is based on Strategy and not a System. With our strong strategy you will make each move differently to adopt the changing table conditions. In other words, “No one has ever won the game by taking only forward moves. Sometimes you have to move backwards to take better steps forward". That's our Strategy!


To fully understand why we abandon our “6 Decks Hand Shuffle Strategy”, we have to take you into the past!

In 80s there was a group called “The MIT Blackjack Team” who cracked the game of Blackjack by Card-Counting. They simply study the game of Blackjack and manipulated the vulnerability in the game and because of that dozens of Casinos took financial losses in Millions. Watch the full documentary here.

Years ago, it was our 1st attempt to create a Legal Strategy based on Research and Development to win Casino games, and we did it successfully. For years our strategy worked like a charm because casinos were using dealers to shuffle the cards and back then there was no screens/monitor to display the results… everything was manual…

…but that changed with time! and casinos upgraded their games by adopting Advance Technology, Computers & Machines to have least human interaction or simply say “No Hand Shuffle”. Today all of the casinos around the globe use extremely sophisticated Hardware and Software powered by Artificial Intelligence to maintain House Edge. Casinos also started using 8 Decks of Cards instead of 6 Decks.

And that’s the number one reason our 6 Decks Hand Shuffle Strategy fell apart. We had no choice! So, we simply returned the favor by understanding and adopting today’s hi-tech technology used in the games.

As of now all our strategies are designated to combat the “House Edge”. Premium Members will be notified via email about new updates. Or updates can be directly found at | System vs Strategy | Casino Gambling

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston S. Churchill



( Baccarat AI Bankroll (6 Decks Hand Shuffle) Ver.8.7.4 <End-Of-Life>

AI Bankroll's Baccarat Beginner (Byte Evolution) Strategy Ver.1.9.1 – Stable

AI Bankroll's Baccarat Intermediate (Power Profit) Strategy Ver.2.1.9 – Stable

AI Bankroll’s Baccarat Advance (Divide & Conquer) Strategy Ver.3.2.0 – Stable

AI Bankroll’s Baccarat Expert (Superuser) Ver.1.0 Perpetual Beta (available early 2025)  

All these are one of a kind strategy developed using Advance Algorithm in consideration of Artificial Intelligence.  Once you will learn and understand the mechanism, it will not only Protect your Bankroll but also improve your chances of winning by up to 90% (using Advance Strategy) with minimum risk of Bytes (units) placed on the Baccarat Table.

Problem: Based on the casino’s advance approach of machine shuffle and least human interaction made the game of Baccarat extremely unpredictable and almost unbeatable. Players are forced to lose their Bankroll because of wrong guesswork and superstition. You may be thinking that you are playing against the casino but actually you’re playing against the Advance Machines and Artificial Intelligence and so far, that’s the # 1 reason you lost more than you won… and you exactly know what we are talking about.

Methodology: Our approach is based on casino’s approach! We created the program and tested several shoes with different Bet Selection “where to place the bet (banker/player)”, different Bet Sizinghow much to bet (Banker/Player - odd/even - Come/Don't Come), Bet Progression (positive/negative progression)”.

We found out that you simply cannot use just one approach to win the game because game is turning and twisting with each card coming out of the shoe which was machine shuffled. Another core reason many players lose their bankroll is because either they use only one side of the brain or they don’t use their brain at all or get intimidated by other players who has Bigger Bankroll. If somebody is playing with a bigger Bankroll doesn’t always mean that they are right! That’s why we have to connect the game of Baccarat not just with finance but also with very Common Human Behavior…and that includes Mental, Emotional, Physical and Phycological aspects (all these aspects will be covered in the training program / .pdf book and Instructional Video Series).

Solution: Our strategy is extremely powerful to deal with all kind of predictable and unpredictable shoes. These strategies are Dynamic in Nature and capable enough of pointing in the right direction for you to adopt the rapid changing in shoe behavior. You will be guided step-by-step in order to make the right decision including but not limited to Bet Selection, Bet Sizing, Bet Progression for maximum profits. We also have a powerful strategy for Loss Limit & Stop Limit to Protect and Grow your Bankroll. | Baccarat | AI, Artificial Intelligence
I often tell my students not to be misled by the name 'artificial intelligence' - there is nothing artificial about it. AI is made by humans, intended to behave by humans, and, ultimately, to impact humans' lives and human society. Fei-Fei Li


Based on the nature of the game of Baccarat and 1 result out of 2 outcomes (banker/player if disregarding bonus/side bets), we divided our strategies into 2 very important parts. Furthermore, we are heavily inclined towards un-complicating things that’s why we wrote our strategies using only few important passages and kept it to minimum pages but we added important external links if in case you would like to educate yourself on that particular subject. With some practice, this strategy will become your 2nd nature to protect and grow your bankroll.



Predictable (when the shoe is consistent)

Unpredictable (when the shoe is inconsistent)



Odd Bets

Even Bets

Positive Progression

Negative Progression

Left (using the left side of the brain)

Right (using the right side of the brain)

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