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We are a team of self-motivated experts in the field of education, finance, psychology, computer programing and cybersecurity. We accepted the challenge to do the impossible for better future and financial freedom. We strongly believe that we (the humans) created Artificial Inelegance to Guide us and not to Lead us because there is nothing more powerful than Human Intelligence on this Planet. In the end it’s all about committing to something greater than ourselves and working hard towards unleashing our full potential.

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Pure mathematicians just love to try unsolved problems - they love a challenge. ~ Andrew Wiles

Year 2019 is over and unfortunately most of the players are still using outdated techniques to win at the casinos. Our battle is not against the casinos, dealers or corporations, our battle is simply against the Advanced Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Making money is a serious business so train your brain like a Winner because Winners Don’t Guess or Shoot in the Dark, winners play smart and make their own luck by having solid foundation about what they are up against, their Entry and Exit Point with Profits!


After 5 years of research and development we finally created something that can potentially improve your chances of winning the casino games. Our unique strategy is tested on thousands of shoes and hundreds of thousands of hands and has an astonishing winning rate.

Furthermore, even a smallest casino is part of a trillion-dollar industry therefore casinos are constantly improving their establishment to maintain the house edge over the players by adopting new “Technology with the help of Artificial Intelligence”. In other hand we are also keeping our eyes wide open on casinos in several countries & continents for any new changes in the trend, …and working extremely hard towards improving our strategy to match the current industry standards. AI Bankroll is in a constant battle and winning 8 out of 10 times using Advance (Divide & Conquer) Strategy.


We are relentlessly engaged in Research & Development using one of the best tools and practices that is expensive and time consuming. In 2018 we decided to go public with our “Baccarat Strategy” to generate funding to continue support our initiative.

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The key to making money is to stay invested. ~ Suze Orman

We chose Baccarat for “Global Limited Distribution” because of 4 main reasons as follows:

  • Simplicity
  • Fast-Paced
  • Global Reach
  • Favorable Odds (Banker Wins 50.68% with House Edge of 1.06% and Player Wins 49.32% with House Edge of 1.36%)

Talk to on of our customer care representative if you may have any questions.