Baccarat Basic Strategy

PLEASE NOTE: Our Baccarat Basic (Byte Evolution) Strategy is divided into TWO parts 1) Basic 2) Intermediate. You can purchase Part 1 & 2 separately or as a complete strategy.

Baccarat AI Bankroll Beginner (Byte Evolution Pt. 1) Ver.1.1.0 - Stable” is moderately paced and defensive in nature. This is an absolute strategy to grow your Bankroll. Using this strategy, you will never be required to double (Martingale) your Bet Size, by doing this you are never chasing your loses.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. ~ Confucius

This strategy is highly focuses on keeping you close to your base bet because moving far away from your base bet has a direct relationship with total loss of your bankroll.

For example, “Martingale Betting System”, you keep doubling unites over and over again to chase that 1 unit. In the end; you either reach the table maximum or end up losing your entire Bankroll. So, here’s the question for you. Was that really worth to lose your entire bankroll to gain just 1 unit? You don’t have to say anything, we know your answer already because all of our students have “been there and done that” and that’s the reason they are with us now.

We want to encourage you to play smart from this very moment. We also want you to “Say-No-To-Financial-Loses” and start winning with “AI Bankroll’s Proven Strategies”


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