Understanding “FIGHT-AND-FLIGHT Response Mode” to Become a Consistent Winner!

Understanding “FIGHT-AND-FLIGHT Response Mode” to Become a Consistent Winner!

Definition: A physiological reaction in response to stress (fear/panic/anxiety), characterized by an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, elevation of glucose levels in the blood, and redistribution of blood from the digestive tract to the muscles. These changes are caused by activation of the sympathetic nervous system by epinephrine (adrenaline), which prepares the body to challenge or flee from a perceived threat. Source: dictionary.com

Although it’s extremely stressful but there is a possibility of winning a shoe or two by playing the game by looking into patterns and using one of the most dangerous betting progressions known as “Martingale”. Unfortunately, everything come to a painful end when each and every hand of yours is exactly opposite to your Pattern-Prediction or Permutation (in mathematics, permutation is the act of arranging the members of a set into a sequence or order, or, if the set is already ordered, rearranging its elements—a process called permuting. Permutations differ from combinations, which are selections of some members of a set regardless of order. Wikipedia).

Understanding “Fight Response Mode”!
No matter how hard you try to predict the game; you will ultimately fail to accurately find the Patterns and that not only becomes the cause to lose your Profits but also your entire Bankroll. As far as “Martingale Bet Progression” goes; imagine your base bet is $10, if you lose then you will have to bet $20 to bring back that Ten Dollars, if you lose $20 then $40, then $80, then $160, then $320 and so on (you get the idea)… it is extremely stressful when each time you lose a bet and double your bet to bring back that initial Base Bet. Every time you double your bet you enter a Phycological State known as “Fight Response Mode”. Entering Fight Response Mode rapidly increases extreme fear, panic and anxiety. If (luckily) you win a bet after several losing bets then you exit that “Fight Response Mode” and return to your “Normal Phycological and Biological Self”. It’s just matters of time you again fail to predict the patterns and start losing bets and re-enter “Fight Response Mode” and if this time you don’t get lucky then finally lose everything you earned including everything you brought from home.

In other hand; AI Bankroll’s strategy to become a consistent winner is based on Anti-Pattern approach. It means we always play the game by NOT looking into Patterns, Trends & Guess-Work. It also means that you will never over use your Brain to Decode or Predict Patterns. This strategy is developed after years of intense research and testing of thousands of shoes and hundreds of thousands of hands played in Brick and Mortar & Online Casinos.

There are thousands of casinos and millions of players world-wide! One of the major reasons they lose almost every time is because of playing the game by Patterns and disregarding the dynamics between “Entropy and Arrow of Time”. Our proven strategy is designed to safeguard you to Enter “Fight Response Mode”.

Now you have a clear understanding of “Fight Response Mode” so let’s talk about “Flight Response Mode”!

“Flight Response Mode” is another physiological reaction and works exactly opposite of Fight Response Mode. The goal behind Flight Response Mode is “NOT” to response or dis-engage certain situations to avoid fetal consequences! For example, understanding that you are not going to win every hand & shoe every time and deciding when to unplug yourself from a Losing Streak to Protect your Profits and Bankroll.

Our testing and development team achieved a remarkable benchmark where our Proven Strategy not only disciplines you but also set clear expectations to define how much you should win and how much you can afford to risk each shoe… and most importantly how to walk out of the casino as a Winner!

Over years of hard-work & dedication helped us understand how to turn someone from a Gambler to Smart Player and we are willing to share with you everything we know. It’s your chance to change your life and switch sides and become a consistent winner!

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