#1 Lie You've Been Told about MONEY!

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#1 Lie You've Been Told about MONEY!

There is a bright possibly that everything you've been told about "How to Earn Money is far from the Truth". Earning Money or acquiring Wealth has nothing to do with your age, educational qualification, gender, religious beliefs or geography. It has absolutely nothing to do with past/current experience or your level of intellect.

As of writing this Article "The current world population is 7.7 billion according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by Worldometers". Unfortunately most of them are illiterate or there are brilliant people under heavy crisis of paying back their Student Debt! It is such an irony that 97 out of every 100 people are born, live their entire lives and die without ever learning how to earn money or clear understanding of Wealth Management.

What Money Really Is?
The physical presence of paper you use in your daily life is actually Not Money. It is nothing but a superior quality paper with fancy printing on it. It represents money, but it is not really money… Actual Money Is Your Point-of-View and point of view is directly related to your Consciousness.

It may sound strange to you but the truth is, 97% of the population either do not have Point of View or their Point of View is covered by lies told by society, media and educational institutions. This Lie is so common and deep that 97% of the people on this planet have (blindfoldedly) accepted it and scared to break the wall!

If your point of view is restricted then all you will see, hear, think and live your life in Poverty, burdens and Constant Struggle to Survive. If and only if your Point-of-View is Free from Restrictions then you will see this world from a different lens that is Fulfilling, Rich and Successful Life.

Eli Khamarov said “Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit. 

If you want to improve your financial position in life, focus your attention on creating a wider Point-of-View about Your Future Life. Begin by doing what is an Essential Course of Action and Skip Everything and Everyone who is restricting you to Achieve Your Financial Goal. Surround yourself with positive people and work towards a Point-of-View that will slowly but ultimately help you to Generate Money and Wealth!

Always remember that Money is ultimately what you think it is! Be confident and Join our program to generate extra cash on the side and ultimately do it Fulltime!

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